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How can she be an influencer: Concerns Rise as YouTuber Eugenia Cooney’s Latest Video Shows Worrisome Thinness

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Eugenia Cooney, a famous YouTuber with over 2 million subscribers, has worried her fans in her recent video. She looked very thin, and people are concerned about her health.

Eugenia has been open about her fight with anorexia, a serious eating problem. Her struggles have been seen by her online followers since she became popular on the internet.

Below are the reactions from social media users who implies that her account should be shutdown and banned from influencing due to her condition:

A twitter expressed and reveals more insight about the lady :

@ Sarah Fields

She’s live nearly every night. I watch it sometimes. People comment about her weight and many sound genuinely worried. They’re usually banned by the moderator. She won’t hear it and collects views and money because she knows it’s controversial. She’s using her own mental illness for monetary gain and is gaining followers. The most concerning thing I see in this case, however, is the amount of young girls in the chat asking her for tips on how to lose weight. There is also some questions raised regarding her mother, who heavily encourages her behavior and takes her into public to take video and pictures of her walking around.

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