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Suspected burglar in Ohio Ran Out Of Luck, falls Through Panel, into Police Hands (Video)

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Huron, Ohio (TND) – Exciting moments unfolded in Huron, Ohio, as police nabbed a suspected burglar in action. Everything was caught on camera, showing how brave the officers were during the arrest.

The incident happened outside a bank where police officers were watching. Suddenly, a secret panel opened, and the officers got suspicious.

One officer quickly held up his weapon, ready to deal with any trouble. Another officer was there to help.

All of a sudden, a bag came down from the ceiling, and the suspect landed inside a big bin. It seemed like he wanted to escape in a tricky way.

The officer told the suspect to get on the ground loudly, “On the ground [expletive], on the ground.” The officers waited patiently for the suspect to follow their orders.

They finally got the suspect out of the bin and took him into custody. The brave police officers did an amazing job, and the body camera footage helped a lot in the case.

The suspect is Tristan J. Heidl, 27 years old. He has been charged with breaking and entering, possession of criminal tools, and safecracking.

The police officers are being praised for their quick action and keeping the community safe. The people of Huron are thankful to have such dedicated officers protecting them.

This incident shows how important it is for police to have cameras to record what happens during arrests. It helps everyone see what really happened and keeps everyone honest.

As the case moves forward, the people of Huron can trust that their police force is working hard to keep their town secure.

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