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Harry And Meghan Are Getting Ready to Make The Worst MISTAKE of Their LIVES- YouTubers P Diner Allege

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YouTubers P Diner and Otis express worry about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s new move in a YouTube video. The couple is downsizing from their expensive Montecito mansion to a more affordable place. However, this decision might put them in danger.

Before leaving the royal family, Prince Harry wrote a letter to his father explaining why they were leaving. Now, without royal protection, they face security threats.

The concern is that they are moving to Malibu, an area with less security. Security experts warn they could be vulnerable to trouble and might face difficulties escaping quickly from their new home on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Being high-profile celebrities, Harry and Meghan are at risk of paparazzi and intruders. Unlike others, they didn’t use a third party to buy their home secretly, making their names public in real estate records.

Harry’s claims in his book about actions in Afghanistan have angered the Taliban, and Meghan has received death threats. This makes their move to a less secure area even more dangerous.

The YouTubers believe Meghan’s desire for fame could put their family’s safety at risk. They suggest the couple should prioritize their safety over being in the spotlight.

Many YouTube users have shared their thoughts in the comments section of the video. Some are in agreement with the YouTubers’ worries about the couple’s security risks, while others defend Meghan and Harry’s choices.


STOP! Harry willingly participated and looked like he was enjoying it. Harry is at fault for his own behavior. Harry is not innocent. Harry and Meghan are equally despicable! Harry is a man, not a child. His behavior has consequences and is unforgivable. The fact that Harry and Meghan even consider asking to return to the royal fold and expect all to be forgiven shows just how sick and dangerous both of them are. If I was the royal family, I would lock my doors to them. If the royal family lets them back in, it will be the demise of the monarchy.


The ONLY place in Malibu that has gates is The Colony. The median home price is $19.5 million. It is located directly on the beach and it DOES have public access. Every other beach home in the area do not have gates and they are very close side by side with the beach on the back side and Pacific Coast Highway directly on the front. They could buy a home in the hills, but most of those are smaller and they are not gated. To buy a home in the hills with security, gates and land are going to be more expensive than what they have now.


There are estates in the hills above Malibu, but they’re just as expensive as Montecito – if not more. The only reason Meghan wants to live in Malibu is to be closer to more Hollywood royalty. However, while the beaches are public, they will find they won’t be welcome to just pop in off the beach to say hello. Do they think they’re going to crash one of Leo DiCaprio’s deck parties or schmooze with Charlize Theron by casually bumping into her while walking Lilibet across the sand? Dream on, Girl! Ain’t gonna lead ta nothin’! Real A List Hollywood will flee from them like vampires from wooden stakes.


Yup, that’s what I said previous: Montecito is more secure and they lived in a gated community. But no one cared about them as they aren’t photographed leaving and entering their community all the time—like when going to the farmer’s market, going to a restaurant, etc. Only a few times they were photographed and that was after they called Backgrid. Also, remember when the Sussexes announced their NYC tour? LOL. Safety my foot. They had to fake a car chase in NYC, that’s how much they are shunned.


They are not moving to this location, they simply want people to talk about it. The fact that it may have been considered will be that MM has done her research that she will get more paps. Remember she is so envious of the late Princess Diana and Princess of Wales how they both were severely pap’ed and she has never been. She may also be trying to force the hands of the King to pay for their security because she will blackmail him, and release weekly if not daily PR through friends that the King is not putting his grandchild safety first. Harry will not permit it because he may be stupid but he has always wanted children, right now his kids come first before his wife. Therefore, this is just MM PR. Maybe an additional argument they are having. MM wants money but status comes first, that is what she can never shed, which is why she lied and always wanted her kids to have the title. Malibu is not the same status as being in gated community amongst the billionaires. On Monday she will release another PR piece even more stupid.


Oh yes, I used to live in Agoura Hills, ( between Thousand Oaks, and Woodland Hills), there is a small bridge across the freeway toward the curve road toward PCH, Very easy accessible, onto hills of homes or onto the side of homes on the beach, thousands of homes. All way down to L.A I know the area very well. I graduated from Simi Valley High School, in Simi Valley, CA Ronnie and Nancy Reagan came to our high school as governor., told all of us students, loved the area of Simi Valley. Years later after Presidency and came back to Simi Valley and stopped to see people at the grocery store and golf course club in Simi Valley and announced found the spot for his presidency museum near downtown of Simi Valley. His heart melted in Simi Valley. Fun memories. I currently live in the Midwest.

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