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Despite Having No Job, Man Enjoy Luxurious Holiday Buying Expensive Item Until Caught To Be A Drug Dealer

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Man who sold drugs has been sent to prison for 18 years because he supplied a large amount of very strong drugs. His name is Jamie Joseph Veale, and he was responsible for selling about 17kg of cocaine.

The police caught him after they broke a secret network called EncroChat, which was used only by serious criminals. They cracked it in May 2020. Veale used the name ‘Monstermunchman’ on EncroChat to run his big drug business. During a three-week period in May and June 2020, he was seen selling lots of drugs and negotiating prices with people who brought the drugs into the country. The police say he sold at least 17kg of cocaine.

Even though Veale didn’t seem to have a real job or any obvious way of making money, he talked about staying in fancy houses in other countries for months. He also had expensive things like a jet ski, fancy watches, and went on expensive holidays.

The police went to his house on June 29, 2020, and found many phones, cash, expensive jewelry and clothes, and things connected to drugs. They arrested him for selling drugs. Veale, who lives in Moorfield Road, Widnes, was sentenced on July 25 in Liverpool Crown Court after admitting to selling strong drugs.

Detective Sergeant Christian Gordon from Cheshire Police said, “Even though Veale didn’t have a job, he lived a luxurious life from his criminal activity, owning expensive things and going on costly trips abroad. He sold a lot of cocaine and thought he could get away with it by using a secret network.”

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