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Meghan Markle Worries As Governor of California Refuse To Pick Her Call, Even Block Her From Calling Him-| Lady Colin Campbell

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In a recent interview with gbnews, Lady Colin Campbell made some surprising revelations. She shared that Megan faced a block preventing her from contacting the governor of California. However, this block wasn’t limited to just Washington; it extended to California as well. Lady Colin Campbell suggested that the Democrats might have leaked information about an Air Force One scenario, but she emphasized a more significant issue.

According to Lady Colin Campbell, Megan had been persistently pressuring California Governor Gavin Newsom to support her idea of stepping into Dianne Feinstein’s role. If Megan were to take over Feinstein’s position, she would gain access to the intelligence committee, which comes along with the seat. Unfortunately for Megan, Senator Feinstein is a member of the intelligence committee, and due to her continuous insistence, Governor Newsom grew weary of the situation.

As a result, Governor Newsom reportedly instructed that Megan’s calls not be received and not be passed on to him. Additionally, he personally blocked her from contacting him on his mobile phone. It seems the situation escalated to the point where the governor had to take these measures to avoid further harassment.

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