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People Are Now Aware Of Their Tricks : , Angela Levin Shade Prince Harry And Meghan During Interview

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During a recent live interview on GBNews, Angela Levin, a well-known commentator, shared her perspective on Meghan and Harry, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and their pursuit of success in Hollywood. Levin’s remarks have raised doubts about the couple’s reputation, leaving many questioning the viability of their Netflix deal.

Levin expressed her belief that people have started to see through the couple’s actions and behavior, stating, “Yes, I think it absolutely has.” She implied that the public has become more aware of their tactics and tricks.

The discussion also touched upon Meghan’s attempt to become a judge at the Emmys, which Levin found amusing. “It’s really funny because the only thing she would vote for would be her own documentary,” Levin remarked. However, it appears that Meghan’s application was unsuccessful, as no one on the board mentioned her documentary’s lack of progress. Instead, the couple has turned their attention to a secondary project in Hollywood, involving streaming non-fiction content.

Levin further claimed that much of the documentary produced by Harry and Meghan contained fictional elements and lies. Having watched all six hours of it, Levin found it boring, with the couple frequently complaining and making derogatory remarks about the royal family. One memorable incident involved Meghan imitating or mocking the late Queen Elizabeth, leaving Harry visibly shocked but unable to object. According to Levin, this incident exemplified the power dynamics in their relationship and how Meghan exercises control over Harry.

Levin found it unthinkable that Meghan would imitate the Queen, especially during her final days. The interview has reignited discussions about Meghan and Harry’s Hollywood aspirations, with critics questioning the authenticity and credibility of their work. As the couple continues to navigate their new lives in the entertainment industry, their choices and actions are facing increased scrutiny, leading many to wonder if their carefully constructed public image is starting to unravel.

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It remains to be seen how Meghan and Harry will respond to these criticisms and whether they will address the allegations raised during this honest interview. As their Hollywood journey unfolds, the public’s perception of their endeavors continues to evolve, suggesting a challenging road ahead for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

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