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‘I Couldn’t Speak to My Mum or Dad’ – Tewkesbury Academy Student on Terrifying Stabbing Incident (Video)

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GB News West Midlands reporter Jack Carson recently spoke to Miles Cummings, a year seven student from Tewkesbury Academy, about the stabbing incident that occurred at their school.

During the interview, Miles expressed his feelings of being really scared during the incident, saying, “I was really scared. I didn’t have my phone on me because I forgot it. I couldn’t speak to my mum or dad.” Not having his phone made him even more afraid, as he couldn’t reach out to his parents for help or talk to them about what was happening.

Miles explained that he found out about the incident using a school-provided device to read the news. He was worried because he couldn’t communicate with his family and let them know what was going on.

The incident happened inside the school, and a math teacher was stabbed. Although Miles didn’t know why it happened, he confirmed that it was a math teacher who got hurt.

After the incident was reported in the morning, the school and nearby schools went into lockdown. The police, including officers dressed in regular clothes and others with guns, came to the school to make sure everyone was safe and find the person responsible.

Miles felt relieved when the lockdown ended before 2 PM. He described parents rushing to the school to hug their children tightly after the scary incident.

Tewkesbury Academy announced that the school will go back to normal the next day and will offer support to any students who need help after what happened.

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This incident reminds us how important it is to have good safety measures in schools and to always take care of everyone’s well-being. The police will investigate the incident carefully to find out why it happened and make sure schools are even safer in the future.

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