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“I woke up to find my baby son dead in bed next to me, then police searched the entire house,” the victim recalled

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A heartbreaking incident occurred when a baby tragically passed away while sleeping between his parents. Mason Sage, who was just 11 weeks old, was found lifeless by his father, Dom Sage. It was a devastating moment when they realized that Mason wasn’t breathing. Dom immediately woke up Mason’s mom, Emily Owens, seeking her help.

Despite their desperate attempts to provide him with air, they couldn’t manage to make him breathe again. They called for emergency assistance, and a team of paramedics arrived swiftly. However, despite their efforts, they were unable to revive little Mason. Sadly, he was pronounced dead at the hospital.

During the investigation, it was revealed that Mason’s parents had always been cautious when sleeping with him. They made sure there were no pillows near him and that he lay on his back. They were careful not to let any quilts or materials come close to his face. Although Mason usually slept in his cot, which was positioned next to his mother’s bed, on that particular night, he was sleeping between his parents.

The court learned that the day before Mason’s passing, he had been experiencing symptoms of a condition called irritable bowel syndrome. He had been in pain and had been sleeping for extended periods. His mother, Emily, had grown concerned about his well-being and had planned to contact the doctor the next morning. However, tragically, they never got the chance.

The pathologist who examined Mason’s body found no visible signs of illness or injury. However, they did discover some blood on his lungs, suggesting a possible obstruction of his airways. It was a perplexing finding, as Mason had not shown any signs of airway blockage prior to his passing. The pathologist ultimately concluded that Mason’s death was an “unexplained sudden death in infancy.” They explained that sometimes, despite thorough investigations, the cause of such tragic events remains unknown.

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The coroner, Patricia Morgan, confirmed this conclusion and stated that Mason Sage had passed away on September 16, 2021, due to a sudden unexplained death in infancy. It was emphasized that the parents were not at fault for the tragedy.

Although Mason’s parents had taken precautions, the devastating loss of their child led his father, Dom, to make the difficult decision to never sleep with his younger daughter, Evie, again. To ensure her safety, he purchased a special mattress alarm, recommended by the Lullaby Trust and supported by the charity 2wish, which alerts parents if their baby stops breathing during sleep. Dom believes that these alarms can save lives and strongly recommends them to all new parents.

Reflecting on the tragic events, Dom described the aftermath as brutal. He recounted the presence of the police, who conducted investigations at their home, which initially stirred feelings of anger within him.

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