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We Prefer To Lie Down And Die Than To Stop Protesting-Just Stop Oil spokesperson Sean Irish (Video)

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During an interview with Gbnews, Sean Irish, spokesperson for the activist group “Just Stop Oil,” issued a grave warning about the potential outcome if the government does not take action to tackle the climate crisis.

Irish emphasized the vital role that oil plays in our lives, stating that completely stopping its production would have severe implications for our survival. He expressed concern that if the government fails to act, ordinary people will bear the burden for years to come and people will not stop protesting because the Wallace says it would be profitable if we’d just lie down and die we’re not willing to do.

According to Irish, when governments neglect their responsibility to address pressing issues, individuals often take matters into their own hands. He argued that people will continue to protest until the government recognizes the urgent need for action on the climate crisis.

Irish criticized the government for not granting sufficient powers to the police to effectively handle the climate crisis. He argued that without proper authority, the police would be unable to address the concerns raised by activists and citizens.

Drawing from historical examples, such as the suffragettes, the Civil Rights Movement, and the queer rights movement, Irish pointed out that attempts to suppress such movements have historically proven ineffective. He stressed that implementing new laws alone would not deter young people from demanding a sustainable future.

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