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Poor Man Married a Beautiful woman, Days Later He Arrives home With Notice And Cries when He Saw What She Did

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Being down on your luck when it comes to money is never easy. Thankfully, there are people out there who are more than happy to help. When this poor man married a beautiful woman, he arrived home one day and cried when he saw what she had done.

A woman called Sveta was working at her new job, doing night shifts at the local garage. It was her job to fill up the tank of any cars that came by. It was a slow night, and Sveta was still sitting in her little booth, watching the outside world go by. It was then that she noticed a rough-looking man hanging around the garage.

Sveta wasn’t sure who he was at first, but when he started rooting through the trash cans outside of the garage, she soon realized that he was a homeless man. He was obviously hungry and looking for something to eat. Sveta didn’t know what to do. She wanted to help the man in some way, but she was worried that if she interacted with him or tried to give him any food, she’d get in trouble with her manager, who was supposedly watching the CCTV cameras in the back office.

Sveta decided to leave the man to his own devices, as he wasn’t hurting anybody and was actually making sure to pick up any rubbish that fell onto the floor. She hoped that her manager wouldn’t come and get rid of him, as the man looked like he really needed something to eat. Just as she suspected, no one came, and the homeless man was left to search through the rubbish.

Sveta understood what the man might have been going through, as her life hadn’t been the easiest lately, and she knew what it meant to go hungry. She had recently left her husband after discovering that he had been cheating on her with another woman. Sveta had been left to look after her two children, five-year-old Ivan and six-year-old Natasha, all by herself, and it hadn’t been easy with only one wage bringing in money. Sveta had often skipped a meal here and there to make sure that her children were well-fed.

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As the man searched, Sveta took a closer look at him. She realized that the man was actually quite young. She guessed that he was somewhere around his 30s. He didn’t look like a regular homeless man. He was handsome, but his worn clothes and scruffy appearance hid that fact.

After finding nothing to eat, the man wandered away from the bin a little bit. Feeling sorry for him, Sveta collected some food that she knew she could get away with throwing out and went and put it in the bin that the man had been looking. The homeless man watched her as she did this and then ventured back over to the bin where he found the food. Sveta was glad that she had done something to help the man because while her life wasn’t easy, she still had it a bit better than some people who had nothing. By giving the man a bit of food, she was able to help out in a small way.

The next day, the same man returned to the garbage and searched through the same bin to see if anything new had been put in. Finding nothing, the man sighed and sat on the floor next to it. Sveta was watching him closely when her manager suddenly came up to her, worried that he had noticed the homeless man. Sveta braced herself for the inevitable situation of being told to shoo the man along. Luckily, the manager seemed to have overlooked the man and simply told Sveta to take the rubbish bags out of the bins and to put them in the dumpster so that they could be collected by the garbage men.

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Sveta did as she was asked and managed to empty the two bins that were stationed outside of the garage. As she tried to walk over to the dumpster, though, she started to stumble as the bags were incredibly heavy. Seeing her struggle, the vagabond quickly got to his feet and offered to help her. He took the two bags and walked over to the dumpster with her.

Once they had been put in the dumpster, the man returned to a spot on the floor. Sveta thanked him, but the man didn’t respond. Seeing that he wasn’t going to talk to her, Sveta returned to her position inside the garage. The whole time that Sveta watched the young man, she couldn’t help but wonder how such a handsome and seemingly kind gentleman had wound up on the streets.

When it was time for her break, Sveta made the decision to invite him for a cup of tea. The man accepted, and they ended up sitting in a little cafe of the garage together with a cup of tea each and a couple of cookies. The man practically inhaled the cookies as he was so hungry. He thanked the woman for her kindness and told her that his name was Benjamin.

Feeling a connection with him, she wanted to ask how he had ended up in such a situation. Thinking it might be a bit too personal, she decided to start the conversation by telling the man about herself. She explained what had happened between her and her ex-husband and why she was working at the garage. After revealing her story, the man sat quietly, seemingly thinking over everything she had said.

Sveta started to get nervous about all the information she had just shared when Benjamin started talking. He told her that he had once dreamed of becoming an actor, but his dreams hadn’t worked out. Instead, he had gotten married and started working at a normal office job. Sadly, not long after getting married, he discovered that his wife was cheating on him with the head of his company. She left Benjamin, taking pretty much all his money with her, along with the house. She then convinced Benjamin’s boss to fire him, which is how he had ended up on the streets.

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Sveta felt incredibly sorry for the young man and gave him all the change that she had in her pocket at that time. She told him to buy a hat and keep warm and to return to the garage the next day, as she would have some things to give him. When she returned home, Sveta gathered all of her leftover clothes that she had of her husband’s and put them into a bag for Benjamin.

The next day, she took the bag with her to the garage and waited for the homeless man, but he never showed up. Two weeks passed, and there was no sign of Benjamin. Sveta grew increasingly worried and would ask her co-workers and regulars of the garage if they had seen the man. Eventually, she asked a trucker who told her of a homeless camp that he knew of not too far away. He offered to take her there to see if Benjamin was there.

So, after her shift, Sveta grabbed the bag of clothes that she kept with her at the garage and went to the homeless camp. She quickly found Benjamin huddled amongst a few other homeless people. When he noticed that she was there, Benjamin tried to sit up; however, he was too weak. Sveta realized that he was very sick and desperately needed medical attention.

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