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Her husband left her with nothing. But once he returned, he did not expect what came next

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“Her husband left her with nothing, but once he returned, he didn’t expect this. Mabel was a loyal, faithful, and devoted wife. She gave her husband her all. She also tolerated everything: the lies, the betrayals, the deceit.

And yet, somehow, she still found a way to forgive him. She was also the sweetest woman you could ever come across. Sadly, one day her husband Freddie dumped her, leaving her with nothing, not even a dollar. But when he finally returned, he didn’t expect that his submissive and easy-going wife would do such a bitter and callous thing to him. How could she?

It was 9 pm, exactly the time Freddy would return from work. Before, he used to return around 5 PM, but he suddenly changed about two years ago, and he started coming home late, by 7 pm, and then 8 pm, and now 9 pm. Staring at the wall clock, Mabel’s heart began to race, and even though the room was cold, she began to sweat.

This was what happened whenever the clock ticked 9 pm, which meant Freddy could knock on the door anytime. Mabel wasn’t exactly sure why she reacted this way. Could it be because of the way Freddy would scream at her once he walked into the house? Or the way he would shoot daggers at her? Or the silent treatment? Or how she would greet him, and he would ignore her as if no one was there? Well, it had to be one of those things, or maybe everything.

This wasn’t the sort of marriage Mabel fantasized about, and for God’s sake, they had only been married for two years. Shouldn’t they still be at the phase where they just wanted to be all over each other? Most people say the best marriages happen when you marry your best friend, so why was hers falling apart?

You see, Freddie and Mabel had been in a relationship for 10 years before finally settling down, so things should be almost perfect, right? Sadly, that wasn’t the case. Mabel was still deep in her thoughts when she heard the horn from Freddy’s car. Then he pulled up in the garage. A few minutes later, the doorbell rang, and Mabel went to get it. As soon as she got to the door, she stopped in her tracks.

She could smell perfume all over Freddy, and he looked messed up and tipsy. Her gut instincts told her to ask him where he was coming from and go crazy, yell, just do something, anything to make him realize she wasn’t some doll that he was toying with her emotions. But Mabel found herself awkwardly saying, “Hi, how are you, Freddie?” You would expect him to at least be kind and say something nice, right? But no, instead, he pushed her out of his way. He didn’t even look back when she fell on the sofa, slightly hitting her head against the wall.

All of these Mabel could take, but when he turned to face her and said, “You’re not the woman I married, you look like a mess,” she felt like someone stuck a dagger through her heart. She actually felt like her world was about to come to an end. Speechless, Mabel just sat there in terror as she watched him walk into the room. She couldn’t believe Freddy, her best friend, the love of her life, would ever say this to her. They were perfect, everything was perfect, until she was pregnant.

Sitting down there, looking like a lost puppy, Mabel thought about the times she and her husband were truly happy. You see, Mabel and Freddie were teenage lovers, and the first day Freddy set his eyes on Mabel, he told her he would marry her. And that same day, they had their first kiss and first sex. Yes, they were that crazy. They were both adventurous. They would attend parties and return home late at night. Sometimes they got drunk and created scenes at parties. They would sneak into each other’s houses and spend the night there without their parents knowing. They were happy and deeply in love with each other. And one beautiful Saturday morning, they tied the knot.

“I would never love another woman like you. No one would ever take your place, and I will never take your feelings for granted,” Freddie told Mabel that beautiful morning as he placed the ring on her finger. So what now? What went wrong? Mabel thought as she sprang to her feet. She was tired of the harsh treatment she received from Freddy, and she needed to know why he had been acting up. She was tired of guessing, and she needed to know, not later, not tomorrow, but now. So she dashed off to his room.

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When she got to his doorway, she heard him laughing on the phone. The phone was on speaker, so she knew he was talking to a woman. At that moment, Mabel lost her cool. She hadn’t even seen Freddy smile in five months, and there he was, laughing and flirting with some other woman. So she pushed the door open, walked over to Freddy, and looked him straight in the eye and said, “You’ve changed. I’m not sure what’s going on, but you need to say it now. I’m miserable.”

But nothing, nothing at all, could have prepared her for what she would hear next. Freddy ended his call and dropped the phone. Then he ran his fingers through his hair and began to yell, “You’re not the woman I married! For heaven’s sake, Mabel, you used to be slim! Just look at you! You just got fat overnight! Look at all the stretch marks all over your stomach! When was the last time we partied? When was the last time we got drunk? When was the last time we made hot, passionate love?”

Mabel stood still, staring at him in disbelief. She couldn’t believe his change in attitude was all because of her physical changes, because of childbirth. Just then, Freddy grabbed Mabel’s arms roughly and yelled some more, “Why did you get fat? Why did you suddenly become boring? I missed the energetic, crazy, and fun-loving wife that I married!”

Mabel wanted to say so much, but she couldn’t even bring herself to utter a word. She wanted to tell him that she was stressed, sleepless, and exhausted, and that was probably the reason for the weight gain. How could he even expect her to be partying and drinking when their baby was barely just a year old? For heaven’s sake, she had to juggle between house chores, cooking, and raising a toddler with no help from anyone. It was really a lot.

That night, Freddy left Mabel in the room while she was crying her soul out, and he went to sleep in the guest room. The next day, Mabel concluded that Freddy’s recent behavior was all her fault. So she decided to show him the part of her that he missed. She called him on the phone and asked him to return early from work because she had a surprise for him, and he agreed.

When it was almost 7 PM, Mabel took a warm shower and then slid into a sexy red lingerie. She lit some romantic candles and turned on Freddy’s favorite music. She wanted to show him the crazy and naughty Mabel that he missed. But how would this turn out?

At around 8:30 PM, Freddy walked into the house, smelling of female perfume. Mabel said nothing about it. Instead, she swung into action. She walked over to him seductively and blew kisses in the air. Then she began to flip her hair, just as she used to flirt with him years ago. It always got Freddy crazy. Well, not this time.

Instead, he stared at her as if she were some crazy clown. “You’re going to ruin that pretty lingerie with all that fat,” he said, ignoring a disappointed Mabel as she told him that all she needed was some time, and she would lose the weight.

Ever since that night, Freddy’s behavior worsened. He would come home drunk, laugh on the phone with some girl, and go partying all night, leaving Mabel home all by herself. Mabel became depressed, and she started eating to feel better, causing her to gain more weight. Still, she endured all of Freddy’s crazy behavior.

But one night, when she heard him laughing on the phone as usual, Mabel walked over to him and demanded that he end the call. Freddy suddenly flared up and said hurtful things to Mabel. “She makes me happy. She’s everything that you’re not. She’s a size eight. We party, get drunk, and have fun—everything you used to be,” he said. Then he added, “You know what? I can’t do this anymore. I’m out of your life.” He also told Mabel that she needed to get a job because he was cutting her off financially.

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Well, the sad part about this is that Freddy was the one who asked Mabel to quit her job after she got pregnant. The next day, Freddy moved out of the house, taking all the money he kept in Mabel’s bank account.

Finally, it was time to be happy and free, Freddy thought, as he called his girlfriend, Cindy, asking her to come over to his new apartment. Two years later, a lot had changed for Freddy. His relationship with Cindy ended about five months after he moved to his new house, but he didn’t care. He dated some more until he realized the vanity of his actions. He realized that the girls were only with him for his money. Besides, he got tired of the parties and alcohol and began to crave something more meaningful, something fulfilling. He wanted to feel like a real man with a sense of purpose. He wanted something sane and real.

Yes, he began missing Mabel—her warm smile, her motherly instinct, her sense of duty. He missed her so much that he cried himself to sleep most nights. So one evening, he picked up some flowers at a store, exactly the ones Mabel loved, and he rushed down to her house. He told himself he would cry like a baby and beg for forgiveness. He told himself she wouldn’t care even if she was now a size 16. He just needed her genuine love and affection.

A few meters away from the house, Freddy suddenly stopped in his tracks. He saw something that he had never expected, even in his wildest imagination. Just in front of the door stood Mabel. She was now a perfect size 10. She was dazzling under the blue sky. But that’s not exactly what made Freddy’s heart race so fast.

There was someone else besides Mabel—a man. He was cupping her waist and holding her so tightly. Freddy watched him kiss Mabel and she laughed heartily, just like they had done some years ago. Freddy’s first instinct was anger, and then deep jealousy. He wanted to run down there and pull the strange man away from his beloved Mabel, but he knew he wasn’t in the right place to do that. At least not anymore.

Mabel was now happy. She had a broad smile that he hadn’t seen on her face in the months before he left. She had eventually found someone to love and cherish her as she deserved, someone who didn’t care about her physical appearance but who did his best to bring out the best in her.

Freddie stood there, his heart heavy with regret and remorse. He finally understood what people meant when they say you don’t know the value of something until you lose it. He knew he would never find a love as true, pure, and innocent as the one Mabel had for him.

After what seemed like forever, Freddie turned and walked away, dropping the bouquet of flowers into a nearby trash can. As he walked, he admitted to himself that his life was forever ruined. He had let go of the one person who loved him unconditionally, all because of shallow and superficial reasons.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months. Freddie couldn’t shake off the memory of Mabel’s happiness with another man. He felt the weight of his mistakes every day, and it haunted him. He realized that he had taken Mabel for granted, that he had failed to see the true value of their relationship until it was too late.

In his newfound solitude, Freddie embarked on a journey of self-reflection and growth. He sought therapy to address his deep-rooted insecurities and issues that had fueled his destructive behavior. He worked on himself, understanding the importance of self-love and acceptance.

With time, Freddie became a changed man. He abandoned his reckless and superficial lifestyle and focused on becoming a better person. He volunteered at local charities, finding fulfillment in helping others. He reconnected with his family, mending the strained relationships caused by his previous actions.

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One day, fate brought Freddie and Mabel together again at a community event. Nervously, Freddie approached her, ready to apologize and express his remorse for everything he had done. But Mabel, with her newfound strength and happiness, met him with a calm and forgiving smile.

She told him that she had moved on, that she had found love and happiness in the arms of someone who cherished her. Mabel had learned to prioritize her own well-being and surround herself with people who uplifted her. She had no room for resentment or bitterness in her heart.

Freddie accepted Mabel’s words with a heavy heart but also with gratitude. He realized that his mistakes had forever changed their path, and he had to live with the consequences. But he also acknowledged the growth and lessons he had gained from his journey.

They parted ways that day, each walking their separate paths. Mabel continued to flourish in her newfound love and happiness, while Freddie carried the weight of his past actions as a constant reminder to never take love for granted again.

And as time went on, Freddie became an advocate for self-reflection and personal growth. He shared his story, hoping to inspire others to value the love they have and to make amends before it’s too late.

The story of Mabel and Freddie serves as a reminder that love should be cherished, nurtured, and never taken for granted. It teaches us that true happiness comes from within and that superficial expectations can lead us astray.

In the end, Mabel found the love she deserved, and Freddie learned the value of a loyal and faithful heart. And although their paths diverged, both of them found their own versions of happiness, reminding us that life has away of guiding us toward the right path, even if it means learning some hard lessons along the way.

Freddie’s journey didn’t end with his encounter with Mabel. He continued to work on himself, striving to become a better person and make amends for his past mistakes. He understood that true growth takes time and effort, and he was willing to put in the work.

Over the years, Freddie’s transformation was evident to those around him. His friends and family noticed the change in his attitude and behavior. He became known for his kindness, empathy, and genuine desire to make a positive impact on others’ lives.

Freddie also took the opportunity to share his story with young people, hoping to prevent them from making the same mistakes he had made. He became involved in mentoring programs, using his experiences as a cautionary tale to teach others about the importance of valuing and respecting the people we love.

Through his personal growth and self-reflection, Freddie discovered a new sense of purpose. He pursued a career that aligned with his values, focusing on helping others and making a difference in the world. He became an advocate for healthy relationships and promoting self-love and acceptance.

Despite the regrets and the pain he had caused in the past, Freddie found solace in knowing that he had learned from his mistakes and had become a better person because of them. He accepted that he couldn’t change the past but could use it as a catalyst for personal growth and positive change.

As time went on, Freddie’s actions and the impact he made on others’ lives became his redemption. He lived his life with gratitude, cherishing the lessons he had learned and the opportunity to inspire others to make amends and appreciate the love they had.

Meanwhile, Mabel’s life continued to blossom in the arms of her new partner. She had found a deep and fulfilling love, one that celebrated her for who she was and supported her dreams and aspirations. Together, they created a loving and supportive environment for their family.

Although the scars of her past experiences with Freddie remained, Mabel never let them define her. She embraced her strength and resilience, knowing that she had grown from the challenges she had faced. She remained grateful for the lessons she had learned and used them as a foundation for a joyful and fulfilling life.

In the end, both Mabel and Freddie found their own versions of happiness and fulfillment. Their paths may have diverged, but the lessons they learned from their past experiences had a profound impact on their future journeys.

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