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Harry was in a situation where he was cutoff financially: Judita DaSilva examines the various missteps made by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

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In a recent analysis on GBNews TV, Judita DaSilva examines the various missteps made by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. DaSilva asserts that while their intentions may have been honorable, their approach went awry. She emphasizes that the couple, who were thrust into a level of fame they had never experienced before, lacked the necessary skills to navigate such a spotlight and make sound decisions.

One of the key aspects highlighted by DaSilva is the couple’s financial situation. According to Harry’s own admission, he found himself cut off financially and faced the need to quickly generate substantial income to support himself and his family. Consequently, when presented with lucrative opportunities, he readily accepted them without fully considering the long-term implications.

DaSilva further scrutinizes their foray into the podcasting world, specifically their deal with Spotify. She suggests that Spotify’s interest in signing them was not driven by their intended righteous productions but rather their status as an electrifying brand and a source of clickbait. The streaming platform anticipated capitalizing on the couple’s scandals, assuming that when the next controversy arose, it would be discussed on their podcast. However, this expectation never materialized, leaving Spotify without the desired returns on their investment.

The analysis underscores the significance of attention as the most valuable asset in today’s business landscape. DaSilva highlights how Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s repeated scandals failed to translate into the attention-generating content that Spotify had envisioned. As a result, the streaming platform’s excitement dwindled, given their inability to tap into the couple’s attention-grabbing capabilities.

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While Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s intentions were commendable, their lack of experience and ill-equipped decision-making have hindered their ability to propel their endeavors in a positive direction. DaSilva’s analysis sheds light on the challenges faced by the couple as they navigate their newfound fame and the consequences of their choices.

Here is Judita DaSilva statements :

harry and meghan, they did play it wrong. The intention was honorable, but what’s like? I’ve said it several times before, these were two young people that were out of their depth. They’ve never been the level of fame that they were thrust into, and they were ill-equipped to deal with it and make the right decisions to propel it in a positive direction when it came to the business of what they did, by Harry’s own admission.

She was in a situation where he was cut off financially, and so when people were throwing millions at him, his response was, “Yes, yes, yes.” He had to make a lot of money quickly to sustain himself and his family. But then, once you said yes, people want a return on their investment. You were ill-equipped to deliver in the kinds of fields you’d said yes to.

When you look at Spotify, people know in the podcast world, Spotify didn’t sign you because they cared about the righteous productions you wanted to make. They signed you because you’re an electrifying brand and you’re clickbait. And in the podcast world, when there is a scandal, what do you do? You take it to the podcast. You talk about it there because it’s you and your listeners.

So, Spotify is thinking, “These guys just have scandal after scandal. They’re salivating. Now, when the next one comes, they’ll bring it to a Spotify platform.” They never did. So Spotify is thinking, “I’m gonna pay you 20 million, and I don’t get to feed from the trough of all this attention-generating stuff you do when attention is the most valuable collateral in the business today.”

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