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He Talks And Never Act: Patrick Christys Labels Prince Harry a ‘Charity Case’ | No Comparison Between William and Harry (Video)

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Presenter Patrick Christys from Gbnews has made strong remarks, stating that Prince Harry is a ‘charity case’ and highlighting the vast differences between him and his brother, Prince William.

Christys harshly criticized Harry’s charitable efforts, saying that he talks more than he takes action. While recognizing Harry’s past charity work, such as his involvement with the Invictus Games and World Child, Christys expressed doubt about Harry’s recent commitment. He suggested that Harry often makes short appearances without making a significant impact.

On the other hand, Christys praised Prince William for his ambitious plan to fight homelessness. William aims to help 300,000 people find stable housing by contributing around £3 million and using his own land for housing projects. Christys portrayed William as a true champion of charity, commending his vision and dedication.

Christys’ comments underline the contrasting paths the royal brothers have chosen. While acknowledging Harry’s previous charity work, Christys questioned the focus of his recent activities, suggesting that he spends more time criticizing his royal family and the British press than using his wealth and privilege to help others.

The criticism raised by Christys adds to the ongoing discussion about the differing philanthropic approaches of Prince William and Prince Harry, sparking various opinions about their respective contributions to charity and the legacies they are shaping.

In His Words :

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