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Drug Addict Went Violent Rampage With Machete, Leaving members of the public “in fear of their lives”

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Disturbing footage caught on camera shows a terrifying incident at a restaurant in West London where a drug addict went on a violent rampage with a machete. The incident took place at Soor Lebanese Cuisine in Maida Hill, leaving the public in great fear for their safety. The attacker, Karim Salme, 38 years old, entered the restaurant and immediately started smashing dishes with the two-foot-long blade. Terrified customers tried to flee as he swung the weapon around.

The shocking video from the restaurant captured Salme chasing employees in a chaotic manner, while a young child ran to hide through a side door. Eventually, the emergency services were called by witnesses, and Salme was apprehended. One man was taken to the hospital after being repeatedly struck by the deadly weapon.

On May 11, Salme appeared in Southwark Crown Court and received a prison sentence of over five years, with an additional two years on licence. He had previously pleaded guilty to multiple charges, including possessing a dangerous weapon, causing damage to property, creating a disturbance, attempted wounding with intent, violating a restraining order, and possessing cannabis.

According to the court proceedings, the incident occurred on November 26 of the previous year at around 7:50 PM. Salme entered the Soor Lebanese kebab shop armed with the large machete. The footage revealed that he immediately began smashing stacks of dishes and kitchen utensils, while a man near the entrance tried to defend himself with a stool.

Salme then proceeded towards the back of the restaurant, where a family was seated with a young child. Prosecutor Patricia Deighan stated, “The defendant repeatedly shouted in both Arabic and English. One witness heard him shouting, ‘I don’t want to see anyone inside here,’ as he continued to smash and damage property within the restaurant.”

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In a distressing moment, an unsuspecting man walked up the stairs from the toilets and was struck on the head with the machete. Other staff members were also targeted and injured, while the family managed to escape while Salme was attacking them.

Salme continued causing damage by toppling chairs and plant pots. At one point, a member of the public fell to the ground and was repeatedly attacked with the knife, while others filmed the incident from outside. Fortunately, the injuries were not severe, and the victim received a tetanus shot due to the rusty condition of the machete.

The police were called, and Salme was arrested and taken to the hospital. Later, he displayed aggressive behavior towards a female officer, using sexist language and making threatening movements. The court learned about Salme’s previous convictions, including a sexual assault on an elderly woman in April 2016. He had entered her home and assaulted her before she managed to call for help.

In 2020, Salme was also imprisoned for sexually assaulting another woman whom he randomly kissed and grabbed while she was walking to work. His criminal history included stalking, breaching a restraining order, and a charge of battery for spitting at a bus driver.

During the incident on Harrow Road, Salme was homeless and struggling with drug addiction, having faced multiple periods of incarceration and difficulties in finding housing and support.

When delivering the sentence, Judge Milne KC described the incident as shocking, emphasizing Salme’s indiscriminate and violent actions. Despite causing limited injuries, Salme’s intent to harm was reflected in the charge of attempted wounding with intent. Although Salme claimed to have no memory or understanding of his actions, the judge acknowledged his intention to hurt people, which fortunately did not result in more severe harm. Salme was sentenced to five years and three months in prison, with an extended two-year licence period.

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