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A woman jailed after she snatched a purse from a mother shopping in Birmingham city centre.

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A woman has been incarcerated after tailing a mother inside the H+M store in Birmingham city center and snatching her purse from within her bag. Additionally, we have successfully prosecuted a man involved in a deceitful scheme targeting unsuspecting shop staff at the Bullring, where he stole cash from them. We want to raise awareness about these crimes and reassure the public that we have a dedicated team committed to thoroughly investigating and preventing such incidents in the city.

In April of this year, a thief named Donka Eftimova entered H&M on New Street and followed a woman, who was accompanied by her child, throughout the store. The 22-year-old grabbed a top and used it to conceal her hand as she reached into the woman’s bag while she engaged in a conversation with a staff member, ultimately stealing her purse. Just a few weeks later in May, she revisited the same store and once again selected a random item of clothing, stalking another woman within the shop. Employing the same method, she used the garment to conceal her hand as she delved into the woman’s bag, this time taking her phone.

On the 7th of June, Donka Eftimova pleaded guilty to two counts of theft at Birmingham Magistrates Court. She was subsequently sentenced to four months in prison and ordered to pay £300 in compensation.

In another incident last month, Boby Angel utilized a theft technique known as ‘Ringing The Changes’ at Selfridges in the Bullring. This scam involves displaying large sums of money to shop workers to create an illusion of handing over the full amount, while using distractions and sleight of hand to retain a significant portion of the cash without the staff’s knowledge.

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On the 26th of May, Angel employed this method to deceive an unsuspecting staff member. CCTV footage captured Angel counting out £720 at a cash desk in Selfridges. As he handed the money to the worker, he discreetly transferred a substantial amount into his left hand, concealing it beneath the desk.

Boby Angel, aged 43, pleaded guilty to theft and received a sentence of four and a half months in prison at Birmingham Magistrates Court on the 7th of June. Additionally, £400 was seized as compensation.

Inspector Junior Stephens, Birmingham Investigation Manager, stated, “We are utilizing both uniformed and undercover officers to identify the individuals responsible for these thefts. We are achieving higher rates of detection for this type of crime in the city, and we will continue to work closely with shop security, CCTV operators, and other partners to prevent and deter thieves. They have no place in our city. We want people to enjoy shopping, dining, and going out in Birmingham without the fear of losing their belongings. We will not allow a dishonest minority to spoil the experience for everyone else.”

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