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Wolverhampton’s Notorious ‘H Line’ Drug Dealers Jailed for Pushing Cocaine and Heroin to Masses

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Two individuals involved in the distribution of cocaine and heroin in Wolverhampton, referred to as the ‘H line’, have been sentenced to jail. Hassan Kazmi, the main dealer, controlled the operation, which conducted its illicit activities daily from 9am to 9pm. Acting on credible information, the police carried out a drug raid at a residence in Grafton Court in November 2020.

During the operation, law enforcement officers discovered class A drugs worth £2,000, along with drug-related paraphernalia and £2,000 in cash. Subsequently, when Kazmi’s residence in Fawdry Street, Whitmore Reans, was searched, a mobile phone was seized. Further investigation using digital forensics revealed that this phone served as the communication device for the ‘H’ drugs line.

Later on, Sanjeev Virdi, Kazmi’s accomplice, was apprehended in Wolverhampton on suspicion of possessing class A drugs with intent to supply. Several hundred pounds of illicit substances and multiple mobile phones were confiscated during his arrest. Forensic analysis confirmed that Kazmi maintained direct contact with all involved parties. In a span of three months, it was revealed that the ‘H’ line received over 70,000 calls and texts, according to the police.

Kazmi, aged 29, was sentenced to 11 years in prison for his involvement in a conspiracy to supply heroin and crack cocaine. Virdi, aged 48 and residing in Maxwell Road, Wolverhampton, received a sentence of four years and eight months for the same offense.

Detective Constable Thomas Reece, part of the West Midlands Police Force CID, stated, “We have dismantled a sophisticated criminal group led by Kazmi, who allowed others to handle and store drugs on his behalf in an attempt to evade detection. Virdi played a lesser role, as reflected by his sentence. However, both individuals were involved in an operation that provided illicit substances to hundreds of users, which has now been shut down.”

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If you possess any information regarding drug dealing or drug use, please contact the police through the Live Chat feature on their website at For support from local agencies in your area, you can find relevant resources by visiting the Impact Pathways website.

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