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Former Aide of Michelle Margaret Thatcher Vows to Take Prince Harry’s Case to Federal Court

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A former assistant of Michelle Margaret Thatcher, working for the Heritage Foundation, has declared that they will bring Prince Harry’s case to the Federal Court. They strongly believe that the Biden Administration should release Prince Harry’s immigration records due to his extensive drug use. The Heritage Foundation finds the Department of Homeland Security’s refusal to share the information unacceptable and plans to challenge their decision.

The former aide is determined to fight the case in the United States federal court. They want fairness and openness in the process, and they believe a federal judge will ultimately decide on the release of Prince Harry’s immigration records. The Heritage Foundation is committed to winning this legal battle as they consider it an important issue for the American people and the proper enforcement of immigration laws.

The aide suggests that if Prince Harry has nothing to hide, he should support the release of his immigration papers. They raise concerns about possible special treatment given to Prince Harry by the Biden Administration, and the potential consequences if another administration, possibly led by former President Trump, comes to power.

Opinions on the matter differ, with some supporting the release of the records while others express doubt. One person in the discussion expresses relief that Prince Harry and Meghan might stay in California, while others highlight the strictness of U.S. drug laws for ordinary people and the need for equal treatment under the law.

The former aide remains confident that the records will have to be released once the case reaches federal court. However, opinions vary, and the outcome of the legal battle will determine whether Prince Harry’s immigration records will be made public, setting an example for how individuals applying to enter the United States are treated.

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