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They Attacked Me After I Warned Them To Stop Knocking At My Door-NHS employee assaulted on doorstep

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“I visited the nearby chip shop and approached some individuals sitting there to inquire if they were looking for my son. Unfortunately, the conversation didn’t go well. They displayed impolite and disrespectful behavior towards me.

In response, I firmly told them that if they were not acquainted with my sons, they had no right to be on my property or knocking on my door, and I requested them not to do it again. It’s not uncommon for kids to knock on doors in this area, but my intention was simply to reprimand them.”

However, Mr. Khan was shocked when he heard loud banging on his door shortly afterward. Three men confronted him, and two of them physically attacked him. Mr. Khan explained, “They forcefully banged on my door and window, exhibiting violent behavior.

Initially, I hesitated to open the door, but I feared they might forcefully enter, so I decided to open it, hoping to reason with them. Instead, they immediately grabbed me and attempted to pull me out of the house.

All I heard was ‘Come outside.’ When I resisted, they forcefully entered. Given their size and strength, there was no chance of me stopping them. There was no time for any questions or even a basic greeting. It was evident from the beginning that their intentions were malicious. Within seconds, they were overpowering me.”

Mr. Khan is still struggling to come to terms with the incident and has been cautious, constantly looking out of his window since the attack. He feels relieved that his children and wife were not present to witness the assault.

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He mentioned, “If it had happened just 15 minutes earlier, my children would have been here. My college-aged son arrived five minutes after the incident had ended, only because he had stopped at the supermarket to get some ice cream due to the hot weather.

Otherwise, he could have become a victim, just like me. If he had opened the door, like I did, they wouldn’t have asked him any questions, as they didn’t with me. They would have immediately attacked him. If my daughter had opened the door, they would have forcefully entered and done whatever they pleased.”

Due to the traumatic experience, Mr. Khan has had to take time off from work to recover. However, he expressed his disappointment with the response from the West Midlands Police. He recounted, “After the attackers left, I called 999 for assistance, but the operator I spoke to was unsympathetic and the wrong person to handle such a situation.

Eventually, he began speaking condescendingly to me, belittling the seriousness of the incident and emphasizing police priorities. I tried to inform the operator that a police car had passed by my house, just 20 yards away, while I was on the call.

The car slowed down, the officer glanced at the attackers, and I told the operator, ‘I think your colleagues have arrived.’ However, they drove away without intervening.”

Mr. Khan also claimed that the police took a long time to meet with him later on. West Midlands Police stated that officers were present at the scene approximately 10 minutes after the initial call but were redirected to another ongoing incident that required prioritization.

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In response to the incident, a spokesperson for West Midlands Police stated, “We are currently investigating an assault that took place at a residence in Bordesley Green on Thursday, June 8, around 5 pm.

The victim received medical treatment for non-life-threatening injuries. We have spoken to the victim and are in the process of obtaining CCTV footage from nearby establishments as part of our ongoing investigation. We encourage anyone with information that can assist our inquiry to contact us at 101 or via LiveChat on our website, referencing crime 20/38520/23.”

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