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Hilarious Moment a Dog Jumped Into The Pool Using a Boat To Get a Ball Out (Video)

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In a recent TikTok video posted by adriabarichadriabarich, an unexpected and entertaining series of events unfolded, showcasing the quirky antics of a dog named Oatmeal. The video quickly gained attention and left viewers amused and bewildered.

The video begins with Oatmeal’s owner exclaiming, “I have to tell the internet what you just did!” Intrigued, she tosses a ball into the pool, expecting Oatmeal to retrieve it. However, Oatmeal hesitates, seemingly contemplating his next move. Eventually, he realizes he is “oatmeal” and decides to approach the situation in a unique and unconventional manner.

adriabarichadriabarich describes the scene, disaster strikes as Oatmeal begins sinking rapidly. Fortunately, Oatmeal manages to save himself, but the situation takes an unexpected turn. Just as it seems the ordeal is over, Oatmeal spots another ball, adding a hilarious twist to the scenario.

The video cuts to the original audio, highlighting the comical dialogue between Oatmeal’s owner and the dog itself. The narrator expresses surprise, mentioning that Oatmeal has never jumped into her boat before, which is actually designed for dogs.

Oatmeal, however, continues to spin around on the boat instead of retrieving the ball, turning the moment into a playful game reminiscent of the show “Wipeout.

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