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Who Is Denver Nuggets Wife? Does Denver Nuggets Have a Secret Girlfriend? All You Have To Know About Him

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The Denver Nuggets are on the verge of winning their very first NBA championship. In the fourth game of the NBA finals, they convincingly defeated the Miami Heat by a score of 108-95. If they manage to win the next game in the seven-game series, it will be a historic moment as they will lift the prestigious Larry O’Brien trophy for the first time in the 56 years of the franchise’s existence.

One of the standout players for the Nuggets is Nikola Jokic, who plays as their center. Once again, Jokic proved to be a difficult opponent for the Miami Heat. He scored 23 points and grabbed 10 rebounds, demonstrating his skill and dominance on the court. Another notable performance came from Aaron Gordon, who had an outstanding game with a game-high 27 points, showcasing one of the best performances of his career.

On the other side, Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo put up a combined total of 45 points for the Miami Heat. However, their efforts were undermined by the team’s struggle with poor three-point shooting. The Heat managed to convert only 32 percent of their shots from deep, while the Nuggets excelled, making half of their three-point attempts.

Although the game remained closely contested during the first half, the Nuggets exploded in the third quarter, scoring an impressive 31 points. This gave them a significant advantage that the Miami Heat couldn’t overcome, despite a late rally in the fourth quarter.

Aside from the game, let’s delve into Nikola Jokic’s personal life.

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Who Is Denver Nuggets Wife?

His wife, Natalija Jokic, is always there to support him. They tied the knot in October 2020, but their journey together began during their teenage years. Ever since Nikola joined the Nuggets in 2015, Natalija has been by his side, relocating to Denver with him. She has been a constant source of encouragement, cheering for him from the sidelines. They often share their special moments on social media, such as when their daughter, Ognjena, held the game ball from Nikola’s 100th triple-double achievement.

Both Nikola and Natalija hail from Sombor, a small city in Serbia. Despite living in Denver since 2015, they maintain a deep connection to their home country and often visit during the NBA offseason. Natalija initially moved to the United States in 2013 to pursue a college volleyball career at Seminole State College in Oklahoma. When Nikola’s career took off and he joined the Nuggets, Natalija left her volleyball aspirations behind to be with him. They settled in a Denver apartment, where they lived with Nikola’s two older brothers. Living with the Jokic brothers meant engaging in intense indoor basketball games, competitive video game battles, and spirited Uno matches.

Nikola and Natalija finally exchanged vows in their hometown of Sombor in October 2020. Their wedding was originally planned for June 2020 but had to be rescheduled due to the NBA’s bubble setup in Orlando caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. A heartwarming video of Nikola and Natalija dancing and singing together at their wedding circulated on social media, capturing their joyous celebration. Ever since that special day, Nikola has kept a symbol of their love close to him during NBA games by tying his wedding ring to his sneakers.

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The couple welcomed a daughter in September 2021

Their love story took another beautiful turn when they welcomed their daughter, Ognjena, in September 2021. The name Ognjena signifies “fiery” in Serbian. Natalija shared a photo from her baby shower on Instagram, expressing her gratitude for the blessings of 2021. Nikola’s performance on the basketball court has continued to shine even after becoming a father, winning consecutive MVP awards and leading the Nuggets to the playoffs. Natalija and Ognjena are now regulars on the sidelines, proudly supporting Nikola. They often wear jean jackets adorned with his name and number, showing their unwavering support.

However, balancing NBA life and fatherhood has its challenges for Nikola. In a rare interview conducted at his home in Serbia, he opened up about the difficulties of being away from his daughter while traveling for NBA games. With a packed schedule and being on the road for long periods, Nikola emphasized the changes he witnesses in Ognjena every time he returns home after being away for extended periods.

Despite the demands of his basketball career, Nikola remains grateful for the support and love of his wife and daughter. He believes that having a stable and loving family by his side lifts him up and provides him with the strength to excel on the court.

Looking ahead, Nikola has expressed his desire to eventually return to their hometown of Sombor once his NBA career is over. He envisions a peaceful life there, surrounded by nature, rivers, and familiar surroundings. Sombor holds a special place in his heart, reminiscent of his upbringing and cherished memories of spending summer nights on the main street with Natalija, enjoying ice cream.

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The journey of Nikola and Natalija Jokic is not only a tale of basketball success but also a testament to their enduring love and the importance of family support. From their high school years in Serbia to building a life together in Denver, they have remained grounded and dedicated to each other. Through victories and milestones, they celebrate as a team, cherishing their connection to their roots and embracing the joys of parenthood.

As Nikola continues to make history on the basketball court, breaking records and leading the Nuggets’ charge for their first NBA championship, Natalija and Ognjena will undoubtedly be by his side, providing unwavering love and support. Together, they exemplify the power of a strong family bond and the motivation it brings to overcome any challenges that come their way.

Does Denver Nuggets have a secret girlfriend?

No, Nikola Jokic is not known to have a girlfriend. He is married to his wife Natalija Jokic, whom he has been with since their teenage years. They got married in October 2020 and have a daughter named Ognjena, born in September 2021.

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