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Prince Harry should move on and stop dragging everything up- Royal broadcaster Helena Chard says (Watch)

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In a recent interview with Gbnew tv, esteemed royal broadcaster Helena Chard offered her insights into Prince Harry’s ongoing court case and the allegations of media hacking. Chard’s remarks shed light on her observations regarding Prince Harry’s actions and the impact on the broader media landscape. Let’s delve deeper into her analysis.

Chard began by acknowledging Prince Harry’s disruptive nature, noting that he appears to relish being in the spotlight. She pointed out that he holds the press responsible for the negative aspects of his life, exhibiting what Chard described as an “addiction” to animosity towards the media. However, she expressed reservations about the lack of substantial evidence supporting his claims, suggesting that his assertions were primarily based on assumptions rather than concrete facts.

The royal broadcaster highlighted the contradictions that emerged during Prince Harry’s testimony, drawing attention to discrepancies between his statements in court and the information presented in his memoir and public remarks. Chard questioned whether Prince Harry had received proper legal briefing, considering the inconsistencies within his narrative.

Chard expressed surprise at the extent of Prince Harry’s emotional involvement in the case, indicating that a more measured and less confrontational approach could have bolstered his credibility. She noted that while there is a degree of sympathy for the hardships he has faced throughout his life, blaming the press alone is insufficient without substantial evidence to support his claims.

The broadcaster further opined that Prince Harry’s realization of potential phone hacking, which reportedly occurred when he met a lawyer at Elton John’s house, appeared to have triggered his pursuit of legal action. Chard questioned whether Prince Harry had expected a more favorable and sympathetic interaction similar to his previous interviews with Oprah Winfrey, only to find himself facing a formidable and relentless defense team during the trial.

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Chard’s assessment of the situation led her to contemplate the distinction between Prince Harry’s personal truth and objective truth. The discrepancies between his court testimony and his previous public statements have raised doubts about the reliability of his claims. She speculated whether Prince Harry’s belief in his ultimate triumph has clouded his judgment and led to the oversight of crucial details.

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