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Prince Harry phone hacking case: ‘He will find himself being taken to places he doesn’t want to go-Michael Cole

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Prince Harry is embarking on a remarkable court case that has captured the attention of the public. This unique event, unseen for over 150 years, has sparked curiosity among experts and ordinary people alike. Shedding light on the unfolding drama, well-known royal commentator Michael provides valuable insights into the challenges Prince Harry may encounter during this extraordinary legal battle.

According to Michael, being a witness in court is not an easy task, no matter how much you prepare or know about the subject. Sharing his own experience as a witness in previous high-profile cases, including the investigation into the deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales, and Dodi Al-Fayed, Michael highlights the demanding and rigorous nature of the courtroom process.

Michael further explains the potential difficulties Prince Harry may face during questioning. He points out that uncomfortable aspects of Prince Harry’s past, such as his choice to wear a costume resembling a Nazi uniform or participating in a game of strip pool in Las Vegas, might be brought up. These revelations could pose challenges for Prince Harry as he tries to present his side of the story.

In addition to facing tough questions, Prince Harry’s legal team will need to address the arguments put forth by the defense representing the Daily Mirror, the newspaper being sued by the Prince. The defense is expected to argue that the information published by the paper came from anonymous sources rather than illegal activities like hacking. They may also raise the issue of the time limit for filing the case, suggesting that Prince Harry waited too long to bring it to court. This could add complexity to his pursuit of justice.

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This court case is not only remarkable due to its historical significance but also because it presents unique challenges for Prince Harry. The journey towards the truth can be intricate and demanding for everyone involved.

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