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He said that it was his biggest secret: Phillip Schofield has revealed ‘more Unanswered Questions- Ellie

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Philip’s recent interview on BBC has sparked concerns, and Ellie, who watched the interview and read The Sun, shares her thoughts on what he said.

Ellie finds it worrying that Philip mixed up different issues. She disagrees with his statement that the person’s gender would have made a difference in the situation. The real problem, according to Ellie, is that they started their relationship when one person was under the legal age, regardless of gender.

Additionally, Ellie disagrees with Philip’s claim that he was treated differently based on his gender. She thinks the difference lies in how the media, which has rules and responsibilities, reports compared to unregulated social media. Ellie reminds Philip, who has worked in the media, that he should know the distinction.

Ellie is confused by Philip’s decision to give multiple interviews instead of just one. She believes it would have been better for him to address everything in a single interview. Unfortunately, his interviews have left many questions unanswered, leading to more speculation.

Ellie points out that Philip’s response to whether more revelations will come was unclear. He referred to the affair as his “biggest sorriest secret,” raising doubts about what else might be revealed.

It’s important to note that Philip consistently claims that nothing illegal or sexual happened before the individual reached the legal age, which was around 20 or 21, as he mentioned in the interview.

While Ellie understands Philip’s desire to control the narrative, she questions whether people will believe him after years of lying. She suggests that he might have been better off waiting longer, seeking better advice, and providing shorter and clearer answers.

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Ellie also mentions that Philip’s former agency, ymu, dropped him, but he has the support of his daughters, including one who works at the agency. However, she advises caution and wonders why he would subject himself to more public attention if he wants to rebuild his life without interference.

Ellie Phillips, a presenter and commentator, concludes the discussion, thanking Ellie for sharing her insights.

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