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Viewers Rate The Little Mermaid Poor in IMDB Reviews Due To Racism

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The Little Mermaid has found itself embroiled in a controversy fueled by allegations of racism. The film’s release has been accompanied by a wave of negative reviews on the popular review platform IMDB, prompting discussions about the motivations behind these critiques.

Notably, this phenomenon is not entirely new, as similar incidents have occurred in the past where individuals have allegedly left one-star reviews online to tarnish a production’s reputation. However, what sets this case apart is the unprecedented action taken by IMDB itself. The review aggregator has made the unusual move of modifying its rating system, adjusting the overall score of The Little Mermaid from a collection of one-star reviews to a more positive seven out of ten.

Interestingly, upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that the negative reviews seldom mention anything related to ethnicity or racial issues. It is important to note that the film features a talented black actress portraying the character of Ariel, a mermaid. Despite the fact that her race holds no relevance to the story, questions surrounding racial bias have emerged.

Reports suggest that the decision to alter the review mechanism stemmed from suspicions that a significant number of negative reviews were part of a concerted effort to undermine the film’s success. However, when reviewers delved into the written comments, they found little evidence of racist undertones. This raises the question of whether accusations of racism are being used as a default response to criticism, rather than addressing the film’s actual quality.

In contrast, The Little Mermaid has been met with enthusiastic responses from audiences, both in the United States and abroad. Personal anecdotes highlight the enjoyment and positive reception of the movie, even from individuals with different tastes, such as the narrator’s daughter.

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The controversy surrounding The Little Mermaid echoes similar situations faced by other films in the past. For instance, the female-led Ghostbusters remake was bombarded with negative reviews, yet claims of misogyny overshadowed the possibility that the film simply failed to resonate with audiences. It is crucial to differentiate between genuine criticism and baseless accusations, as it seems that criticizing a film can sometimes lead to unfair allegations of racism or sexism.

This ongoing trend begs the question of whether a platform dedicated to assessing the “wokeness” or social justice themes within films could be beneficial. Such a website would aim to provide a balanced evaluation, considering both artistic merit and the extent to which a movie aligns with the ideals of inclusivity and diversity.
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