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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry must ‘leave negativity behind- Lady Colin Campbell

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Renowned British Jamaican author, Lady Colin Campbell expressed her doubts in an interviews with gbnews TV regarding the authenticity of Harry and Meghan’s reported decision to cease their criticism of the royal family. She emphasized that she had been advocating for Meghan to abandon her negative approach for some time now, as she believed it had been detrimental to Meghan’s public image. Lady Colin Campbell insinuated that Meghan’s new agents might have advised her to change her tone and adopt a more positive stance.

However, Lady Colin Campbell also cast doubt on the likelihood of Harry and Meghan completely refraining from making negative comments about the royal family. She cited Harry’s impending court battles as potential catalysts for him to continue speaking out, as he has been known to express his opinions publicly in the past. Lady Colin Campbell mentioned that Harry’s involvement in multiple legal disputes could make it challenging for him to maintain a restrained approach during cross-examinations.

Lady Colin Campbell further commented on the credibility of the Mirror group action, highlighting that it was based on the testimony of a convicted criminal named David Burris. She questioned the strength of the case against the royal family, indicating that it might not hold up under scrutiny. Lady Colin Campbell expressed skepticism that Harry would face serious consequences or be charged with perjury, suggesting that authorities might not take action even if allegations of lying were made.

Despite her doubts, Lady Colin Campbell acknowledged that it would be interesting to observe how Harry would respond to the cross-examination and what arguments he would present. She mentioned that while Meghan had been careful not to directly criticize the royal family in her previous public statements, it remained to be seen whether she would continue to adhere to this approach in the future.

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