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Migrant crisis: the Prime Minister is weak and cowardly and it’s totally unacceptable- Richard Tice (Video)

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In a startling turn of events, evidence has emerged confirming the presence of Albanian criminal networks operating with impunity in the United Kingdom. Last year, this issue was met with silence and denial, but now the truth can no longer be ignored. These criminals, described as foot soldiers for violent gangs, have been wreaking havoc and posing a significant threat to national security.

The National Crime Agency, responsible for combating organized crime, has revealed that over half of these individuals are involved in serious criminal activities.

The list of crimes attributed to them is horrifying, ranging from drug trafficking to rape and even murder. British citizens’ safety is at stake, and it is the primary duty of the government to protect its people.

The alarming situation has prompted calls to declare a national security day—a move permitted by Article 9 of the UN-51 Convention. This would signify a national emergency, demanding immediate action.

The solution, as proposed, lies in the concerted efforts of the British Border Force and the Royal Navy. Every single individual associated with these criminal networks must be apprehended and safely returned to France, where joint processing can occur.

Public sentiment is running high, with millions of outraged citizens demanding an end to this ongoing crisis. The figures presented are nothing short of outrageous, and the failure to address this issue adequately raises questions about the leadership’s resolve. The Prime Minister’s reluctance to take decisive action is seen as a sign of weakness, which has further fueled public anger.

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Additionally, recent revelations about the WhatsApp messages exchanged among top government officials, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak, have added to the growing concern. The reluctance to release these messages raises suspicions of a potential cover-up, with speculations ranging from vaccine-related controversies to questionable financial dealings.

The urgency of the situation cannot be overstated. Lives are being lost, innocent people are falling victim to heinous crimes, and the criminal networks are amassing enormous sums of money through drug trafficking and money laundering. The authorities’ failure to effectively address this issue is an affront to law-abiding taxpayers who have had enough.

To expedite the resolution of this crisis, swift action must be taken. Civil servants who refuse to implement the Rwanda policy, aimed at curbing illegal immigration, should face consequences, including termination of employment.

A dedicated team of competent individuals should be appointed to thoroughly investigate the WhatsApp messages, shedding light on any potential wrongdoings or failures in governance.

Sweden’s approach serves as a shining example. Their inquiry into similar matters concluded in February 2022, saving time and resources. The British inquiry must follow suit by swiftly examining the WhatsApp messages to understand the decisions made and hold those responsible accountable.

It is unacceptable for the government to sue an inquiry it established, as this only raises suspicions of intentional delays and avoidance of transparency.

Richard Tice, a prominent voice in this debate, emphasizes the necessity of forming a National Emergency Force to secure the Channel and prevent the entry of dangerous criminals. He highlights the urgent need to replace ineffective civil servants and hire competent individuals to restore order and prioritize the safety of British citizens.

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Richard Tice criticizes the Prime Minister, for his perceived weaknesses and lack of action in addressing the issue of Albanian criminal networks. Tice describes prime minister as weak, feeble, and cowardly, asserting that he fails to understand the severity of the problem because it does not directly impact his own life. Tice believes that prime minister is influenced by the social Democrats who have gained control of the Conservative Party, implying that this influences his decision-making and prevents him from taking decisive action.

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