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Charlotte Griffiths: Prince Harry ‘gritting his teeth’ and trying to make relationship with Meghan Markle work (Video)

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In a surprising twist to the ongoing controversy surrounding Prince Harry’s entry into the United States, Joe Biden’s Administration is facing accusations of stonewalling a legal bid to unveil details of Harry’s U.S visa application.

The respected Think Tank, Heritage Foundation, is demanding the immediate release of Harry’s Visa records. This demand comes after Harry’s admission of habitual drug use in a revealing memoir. However, the Department of Homeland Security and its agencies have rejected the Think Tank’s request to fast-track the application due to exceptional public interest.

Speculation regarding strains in Prince Harry’s relationship with Meghan Markle is intensifying. Some sources suggest that Harry may actually be better off returning home, as the controversy surrounding his visa deepens. Bringing in Spectator writer Cara Kennedy and Mail on Sunday’s Editor-at-Large, Charlotte Griffiths, sheds further light on the situation.

The official announcement from the Sussex camp is eagerly awaited, as rumors about the breakdown of their relationship have been circulating since January. Recent reports suggest that Harry has his own hotel room, a clear sign of their separation.

The couple is reportedly attempting to salvage their relationship, considering the stakes involved. However, if Harry ends up dumped and deported back to the UK, it is uncertain how he would react, given his attachment to his children and the desire for a stable family life.

Cara Kennedy emphasizes the growing concerns over Harry and Meghan’s relationship, highlighting the gradual disintegration witnessed since January. Kennedy points out that staying in a hotel room alone signifies a significant disconnect in their relationship.

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These reports align with Camilla Tomlin’s revelations about Harry having a permanent room at a hotel in Montecito. On the other hand, the Sun on Sunday newspaper has disclosed a secret meeting between William, Harry, and Princess Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell, a week before Harry’s engagement announcement in 2017. The meeting aimed to seek insights from someone close to their late mother.

Amidst the swirling rumors, Charlotte Griffiths raises doubts about Paul Burrell’s influence in reconciling the warring siblings. Griffiths believes that if even the Queen herself couldn’t bridge the gap, it is highly unlikely that Burrell will succeed, as William and Harry seemingly lack respect for him.

Charlotte Griffiths added that says she believes Prince Harry will ‘grit his teeth’ and try to make his relationship with Meghan Markle work amidst rumours the royal couple’s relationship is in turmoil.

However, Cara Kennedy acknowledges the potential impact of Burrell’s intervention, suggesting that his knowledge about Diana’s relationship with the press could enlighten Harry, who harbors misconceptions about their mother’s stance.

While opinions differ, it appears that William has no intention of reconciling with Harry, especially while he remains with Meghan Markle. If Harry decides to return to the UK, he will face immense challenges, including a fractured family and the loss of his support system. The role of Paul Burrell in this delicate situation remains uncertain, as it seems unlikely that he alone can mend the broken bond between the two brothers.

As the situation unfolds, the world awaits official statements from Harry and Meghan, hoping for clarity and resolution regarding their troubled relationship. The future remains uncertain, and the public remains captivated by the developments surrounding the Duke of Dope’s visa controversy and the rumored strains in his relationship with Meghan Markle.

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