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“Secret Meeting Revealed: Prince Harry and Prince William Seek Clarity on Princess Diana’s Life Ahead of Royal Wedding”

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According to a report, Prince Harry and Prince William had a secret meeting before Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle in 2018. The meeting happened in 2017, just one week before Prince Harry announced his engagement to Meghan. They met with Paul Burrell, who used to work for Princess Diana, as The Sun newspaper revealed.

The meeting was a chance for Prince Harry and Prince William to talk privately with someone who was close to their mother, Princess Diana. The last time they had spoken to Burrell was after Princess Diana’s funeral in 1997 when they were 12 and 15 years old. Burrell attended the meeting alone and answered the brothers’ questions.

A source close to the royal family said that the meeting was kept low-key, meaning it was kept quiet and not made public. The brothers wanted to talk to someone who knew their mother well, and they felt Burrell could give them more information about certain parts of her life. They asked Burrell to keep the meeting a secret, and he respected their wishes.

At first, people thought Prince William would be Prince Harry’s best man at the wedding. But in Prince Harry’s book called “Spare,” he wrote that he chose his “old friend” Charlie as his best man instead. Prince Harry wondered if Prince William was upset because he wasn’t chosen as the best man. He also wondered if there were other reasons, like the Royal Family’s announcement that Prince William would be the best man at his own wedding to Kate.

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