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“Former Royal Butler Reveals Alleged Jealousy in King Charles’s Relationship with Princess Kate”

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According to a former royal butler, there exists a sense of jealousy in King Charles’s relationship with Princess Kate. Paul Burrell, Princess Diana’s ex-butler, asserts that the King resented the media’s focus on his late ex-wife and may experience similar sentiments regarding the attention directed towards Princess Kate. This issue of King Charles’s jealousy has been previously mentioned, even by Diana herself during her 1995 interview with the BBC.

During an interview on GB News, Paul Burrell stated that while Charles may feel a degree of jealousy over Kate’s prominence during the Chelsea Flower Show engagement, he recognizes her significance for the future of the monarchy. Burrell shared with Dan Wootton, “In the past, there was a rivalry between Diana and Charles, and Charles was envious of Diana’s popularity. He was displeased with her rising popularity, as it coincided with his decline. He once said to her, ‘I married you and made you royal; without me, you would be nobody.'”

Burrell further commented on Charles and Kate’s relationship, saying, “I believe there is a certain level of jealousy in the King, but I also think he is looking ahead. He sees Kate and William as the most suitable individuals for the role; they are following in my footsteps. I won’t be King for much longer, and they are waiting to assume the responsibilities. I believe he is contemplating the future.”

These statements come after insiders alleged that Kate “overshadowed” Charles with her unexpected appearance at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show. The Princess participated in a children’s picnic and toured the showgrounds with a group of young individuals. Kate has been actively promoting the inclusion of gardening and nature in children’s lives, and her involvement in the flower show was evidently intended to reinforce her message.

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According to a royal courtier who spoke to the Daily Mail’s Richard Eden, “It is regrettable that the coverage received by his visit with Her Majesty the Queen was overshadowed. I hope they are not too disappointed.”

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