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After the Death of my Mother, I Develop a Sickness and Couldn’t work, I Got into Debt Until

I got into debt
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I grew up with my mom and dad in a small council house that had three bedrooms. It was a cozy and humble home where we made cherished memories. However, tragedy struck our family when my dear mother passed away in 2012. This devastating loss left my father alone, and he was eventually moved to a much smaller one-bedroom flat. Our lives took a difficult turn, and just two months before my mother’s passing, I had ventured out on my own.

After leaving home, I found myself in a constant state of movement, working mainly in care homes. But as time went on, my health began to decline. I developed arthritis and fibromyalgia, which caused chronic pain and made it increasingly challenging to continue working. By 2017, I had to make the heartbreaking decision to leave my job due to my deteriorating health. This sudden change led me down a path of financial struggle, accumulating debts that became overwhelming. Eventually, I could no longer afford the place I was living in.

In a stroke of desperation, I turned to my father for shelter, bringing along my two beloved dogs. Sadly, his flat was too cramped for all of us to live comfortably. It was a difficult decision, but I had to leave and seek help from the local council. They understood my predicament and arranged for me to stay in a hostel in Doncaster. However, it meant having to leave my dear furry companions behind in my father’s care. It was heart-wrenching to be separated from them, and the limited funds I had made it difficult to visit them as often as I longed to.

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During my stay at the hostel, I stumbled upon a glimmer of hope. I discovered that Crisis, a remarkable organization, was offering various courses for individuals in need. Eager to improve my situation, I enthusiastically enrolled in as many courses as I could. I immersed myself in an arts and crafts program, allowing my creativity to flow.

There was also a fantastic course called “cook and eat,” which encouraged me to cook my own meals using the communal kitchen. Additionally, I took part in the Renting Ready course, which proved to be incredibly valuable. It provided me with essential knowledge about my rights as a tenant and the responsibilities of landlords. Equipped with this newfound knowledge, I felt empowered and prepared to manage my own tenancy successfully.

I got into debt

But the support didn’t end there. I was paired with a knowledgeable tutor from Crisis, who guided me in the art of budgeting. Together, we developed strategies to make the most of my limited income and plan for the future. However, as fate would have it, just as I was gaining momentum, the world was struck by a global pandemic, forcing us into lockdown.

This meant that I could no longer receive face-to-face support from Crisis due to social distancing measures. Nevertheless, my tutor continued to provide assistance over the phone, ensuring that I stayed on track with my goals.

Despite the challenging circumstances, I persevered. I kept searching for a new place to call home, submitting countless applications. To my surprise, after only a week, an offer came my way. It was an opportunity to move into a new place, and although I couldn’t physically visit it, I relied on virtual tours and trusted my instincts. The pictures and descriptions painted an appealing picture, and I eagerly accepted the offer. Finally, a glimmer of hope began to shine through the darkness.

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The transition from the hostel to my new home was not an easy task, but with the collective effort of the hostel staff, my new landlord, and Crisis, the process was made smoother. The keys to my new abode were placed in a box outside, allowing for a contactless exchange.

Jana’s story teaches us some important lessons:

Jana showed us how to stay strong when things get tough. Even though she faced many difficulties, she never gave up. She lost her mom and her health declined, making it hard for her to work. This led to financial troubles and eventually losing her place to live.

When things got really tough, Jana reached out for help. She went to the local council and Crisis, an organization that supports people in need. They provided her with a place to stay in a hostel in Doncaster. Though it meant leaving her dogs behind, she knew she had to do it for a while.

While at the hostel, Jana discovered that Crisis offered courses to help people like her. She eagerly took part in arts and crafts, cooking, and learning about renting. These courses gave her new skills and knowledge to handle her own home in the future.

Jana also had a tutor from Crisis who helped her with budgeting. They worked together to manage her limited money and plan for the future. Even when the pandemic hit and they couldn’t meet in person, her tutor continued to support her over the phone.

Despite the challenges, Jana never gave up looking for a new home. Within a week, she found one, even without being able to see it in person. She trusted the virtual tours and decided to take the opportunity.

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Moving from the hostel to her new place wasn’t easy, but with the help of the hostel staff, her new landlord, and Crisis, it went more smoothly. They made sure she had the things she needed, like furniture and appliances, and helped her clear her debts.

Jana’s story teaches us that even in tough times, we can find strength, seek help, use available resources, and keep going. It’s important to reach out when we need support and to make the most of the opportunities that come our way, even if they come with challenges.

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