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I was So Tired: “Prince William’s Admitted Certain Activities Leave Him Unable to Walk for a Week”

I was So Tired: "Prince William's Admitted Certain Activities Leave Him Unable to Walk for a Week"
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Prince William shared a personal anecdote about his physical struggles following some of his pre-Coronation adventures, revealing that he “couldn’t walk for a week.” The revelation took place during an investiture ceremony at Windsor Castle, where he presented former England striker Luther Blissett with an OBE in recognition of his contributions to football and charity work. Despite the challenges, the Prince confided in Blissett that he still enjoys participating in 11-a-side football matches.

Blissett, who was the first black footballer to score a hat-trick for England and remains an influential figure in the sport, engaged in a conversation with the Prince of Wales during the event. He extended an invitation to Prince William to join the Watford former players club, to which the Prince enthusiastically agreed. According to Blissett, Prince William mentioned that he had played football recently and experienced physical discomfort for a week afterward, highlighting his ongoing participation in 11-a-side games.

The 65-year-old Blissett expressed his hope that receiving the OBE would open doors for him to further his work with former football players. He is currently involved with Sporting Memories, an organization that utilizes the power of sport to evoke memories in individuals suffering from dementia, depression, or loneliness. Additionally, Blissett and his team are collaborating with veterans, emphasizing the diverse range of individuals benefitting from their initiatives.

Prince William’s passion for football is well-known, and he actively supports Aston Villa while serving as the president of the Football Association. He frequently attends Aston Villa games and notably attended the 2015 FA Cup Final in which the team participated.

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In an interview, he revealed that during his school years, he became deeply interested in football and sought a club different from the popular choices such as Manchester United or Chelsea. Aston Villa’s rich history and ability to provide him with emotional rollercoaster moments led him to establish a connection with the club.

In the coming weekend, Prince William will indulge in his football enthusiasm by attending the women’s FA Cup final at Wembley. The final will showcase a face-off between Manchester United and Chelsea, and the Prince will have the honor of presenting the victorious team with the coveted trophy after the match.

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