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“He Was Planning Something Bad” Boy Who is member Of a Gang Sentenced to Prison for Terror Offences and Possession of Weapon-Making Materials

"He Was Planning Something Bad" Boy Who is member Of a Gang Sentenced to Prison for Terror Offences and Possession of Weapon-Making Materials
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A young individual with white supremacist beliefs has been sentenced to jail after being convicted of terror offensive . Vaughn Dolphin, a 20-year-old from Walsall, was apprehended by the police, who discovered alarming evidence during their investigation. Among the findings were a “Big Book of Mischief,” homemade gun components, gunpowder ingredients, and a USB stick containing illegal documents related to weapon-making. These documents were labeled under the name “Boogaloo,” which is known to signify a “race war” within right-wing circles.

Further examination of Dolphin’s phone unveiled his communication with like-minded individuals who shared a fascination with Adolf Hitler on the messaging app Telegram. Following a trial, Dolphin, residing on Walsall Wood Road in Aldridge, was found guilty on multiple charges, including possessing terrorist-related information, possessing explosive substances, disseminating terrorist publications, and possessing a firearm without a license. The Birmingham Crown Court sentenced him to eight years and six months in a young offenders institution, with an additional 12-month license period. He must serve six years and six months before being considered for release, and he will be subjected to terrorist notification requirements for 15 years.

Judge Melbourne Inman KC acknowledged Dolphin’s age and described him as “immature” but also noted his significant intelligence, enabling him to comprehend the gravity of his actions. Dolphin initially claimed to the arresting officers that his interests were solely focused on chemicals and military memorabilia, and he denied being a terrorist.

During the investigation, a USB stick was found on a shelf containing files with names such as “Full Auto Shotgun,” “Pump Action Shotgun,” “Big Book of Mischief,” “Electronic Arson,” “Anarchist’s Cookbook,” and “Homemade C4.” Additionally, Dolphin had recorded disturbing videos of himself, including one where he mixed chemicals in the kitchen, resulting in a vibrant pink fireball, which he deemed “f***ing awesome.” In another video, he conducted a tutorial on making homemade fuses, acknowledging the risks involved.

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One of the videos depicted Dolphin wearing a gas mask and body armor while holding a chest plate adorned with a prominent “SS” logo, reminiscent of the Schutzstaffel, Hitler’s notorious protection squad. The court also heard that Dolphin had shared a video of a terrorist shooting targeting black people in America with numerous recipients on Telegram.

During the court proceedings, Martin McCarthy, Dolphin’s defense lawyer, offered limited insight into how Dolphin became involved in such behavior. McCarthy suggested that Dolphin’s initial interest in war, warfare, and memorabilia may have played a role, but there was no definitive explanation for his adoption of an extreme right-wing mindset. Dolphin’s troubled upbringing in care, his difficulties forming friendships, undiagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Dyslexia were also cited as factors contributing to his involvement in online forums frequented by individuals with extreme right-wing ideologies.

Judge Inman KC stated that the jury heard evidence of Dolphin’s membership in extreme right-wing groups, where he embraced racist ideas and white supremacist ideology inspired by the Nazis. Dolphin acknowledged that some members of these groups supported terrorism as a means to achieve their goals. The encrypted nature of these groups made it challenging to identify all members and their locations. Ultimately, the jury rejected Dolphin’s defense, finding him guilty and affirming that he indeed held such extreme beliefs.

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