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“Coronation’s Surprise Star, Penny Mordaunt, Shares How She Builds Stamina to Carry a Sword”

"Coronation's Surprise Star, Penny Mordaunt, Shares How She Builds Stamina to Carry a Sword"
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The surprise breakout star of the recent Coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey wasn’t a monarch or a member of the Royal Family, but rather Penny Mordaunt, the Conservative MP who unexpectedly became a pop culture sensation. Mordaunt’s star turn during the event quickly turned her into a viral sensation, generating countless memes and capturing the public’s attention.

In her role as Leader of the House of Commons and Lord President of the Council, Mordaunt is tasked with ceremonial duties. For the Coronation, this included the responsibility of carrying the imposing 8lb Sword of State, the heaviest sword in the royal collection, for a remarkable 50 minutes. Her remarkable physical endurance sparked a wave of comments and discussions on social media.

Following the service, Mordaunt shared some insights into how she managed to maintain her composure under the intense spotlight.

She admitted to taking a couple of painkillers beforehand to ensure her well-being. Drawing from her training in the navy in Portsmouth, she utilized techniques such as “wriggling your toes” to keep her circulation active during the demanding task.

Mordaunt attributed her successful execution of the role to a combination of factors, including practice, a nourishing breakfast, and, notably, comfortable shoes. Although she humorously mentioned that she hadn’t spent six months in the gym preparing for the event, she emphasized the importance of being physically fit for such a responsibility.

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In her capacity as Lord President of the Council, the 50-year-old Mordaunt bore the responsibility of carrying two swords during the Coronation ceremony. She first carried the historic 17th-century Sword of State into the Abbey, holding it for an impressive 50 minutes before transitioning to the slightly lighter 19th-century Jewelled Sword of Offering.

One of Mordaunt’s notable moments was when she presented the Jewelled Sword of Offering to the King and led him out of the Abbey, holding the object at right angles to her body. It marked a historic occasion as the first time a woman has undertaken this role.

Penny Mordaunt’s remarkable performance as a key figure in the Coronation ceremony not only impressed onlookers but also sparked widespread admiration and online discourse. Her ability to carry out such a significant task with grace and humor showcased her dedication and captured the hearts of the public, making her an unexpected standout in the proceedings.

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