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“Curious Case of King Charles’ Red and Swollen Fingers Sparks Speculation and Social Media Buzz”

"Curious Case of King Charles' Red and Swollen Fingers Sparks Speculation and Social Media Buzz"
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During King Charles’ coronation, observant viewers noticed that his fingers appeared red and swollen, leading to confusion and speculation. This observation sparked discussions on social media platforms, with people questioning the cause behind his apparent hand swelling.

According to a report from The Mirror, the curiosity surrounding the King’s hands has lingered since 2012 when he made a joke about them after a long flight to Australia. The public has since wondered about the reason behind the swelling.

Fortunately, GP Chun Tang, the medical director at Pall Mall Medical in Manchester, has shed some light on the possible causes of the so-called ‘sausage fingers.’ He explained that swollen fingers are often a sign of water retention, which can be linked to various health conditions. These conditions include inflammation-related issues like arthritis, bacterial infections, or even tuberculosis. Other factors that could contribute to the swelling include high salt levels, allergic reactions, medication side effects, injuries, and autoimmune diseases.

The medical term used to describe the severe swelling that affects fingers and toes, as seen in King Charles’ case, is dactylitis. Despite the concern, King Charles seems to maintain a lighthearted perspective on his hand condition. In a letter to a friend after the birth of his son, Prince William, he reportedly joked about his own hands and humorously suggested that his son might inherit similar fingers.

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