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“Prince Harry’s Seating at King Charles’ Coronation Sends Important Message, Say Royal Experts

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Prince Harry’s attendance at his father King Charles’ Coronation has been a topic of much speculation, given his recent departure from the royal family and strained relationships with some of his relatives. However, despite these concerns, royal expert Katie Nicholl believes that Harry will be given a prominent seat during the historic event at Westminster Abbey. Nicholl noted that Harry is a family member and the King’s second son, and therefore cannot be relegated to a less desirable pew. She emphasized that the positioning of Harry during the Coronation will be an important message to the public about how he is being treated by the family.

Furthermore, historian Gareth Russell also commented on the importance of Harry’s placement within the Abbey, stating that if he is not given a prominent seat, it could potentially send a negative message to the public about how the family is treating him. Russell suggested that if he were advising the palace on PR, he would advise putting Harry “up close and centre” to avoid any negative perceptions. Russell also noted that the event is not just a family reunion, but also an occasion of state and theology, and therefore the visual messaging is critical.

In terms of Harry’s plans for the Coronation, it has been reported that he will be attending the event alone, as his wife Meghan Markle and their children will remain in their home in California. After watching the Coronation, Harry will reportedly return to California to celebrate his son Archie’s fourth birthday. He will miss the King’s Coronation concert, which features performances from Lionel Richie, Take That, and Katy Perry. Sources suggest that Harry’s priority is simply to show up and support his father during this important event, rather than having any ulterior motives.

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Overall, the seating arrangements for Prince Harry at his father’s Coronation have been the subject of much speculation, but it seems that he will be given a prominent seat despite his recent departure from the royal family. The event is important not only for the family, but also for the public perception of the royal family, and therefore, the positioning of Harry will be closely watched.

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