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Prince and Princess of Wales surprise passengers by taking the Tube to a pub ahead of King Charles’ coronation

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On this occasion, the royal couple’s decision to take the London Underground, also known as the Tube, to get to their destination was a surprise to many passengers. The Prince and Princess of Wales caught the Elizabeth Line for the first time at Acton station, which is located in West London. From there, they traveled three stops to Tottenham Court Road in Central London, where they attended an engagement in the vibrant neighborhood of Soho.

Upon arrival at Acton station, the couple tapped their Oyster cards at the ticket barriers before making their way down to the platform. During their journey, they met with Transport For London workers to learn about how they were preparing for the upcoming busy weekend. Kate was asked about Charles’ coronation on Saturday and replied that it was going to be a busy time, and they were trying to get everything in order.

When they arrived at Tottenham Court Road, the couple walked past shocked passengers and took the escalator to the station’s new Dean Street exit. However, Kate appeared to commit a faux pas by standing on the left of the escalator when guidance advises passengers to stand on the right.

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After leaving the station, they walked to the nearby Dog and Duck pub, where they were seen enjoying a pint of beer while meeting members of staff from other businesses in the area preparing for the Coronation weekend. They even tried their hand at pulling pints from behind the bar, with William appearing to struggle to pour the perfect beer.

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Later on, they spent time meeting the hundreds of members of the public who had gathered outside the pub, posing for selfies and exchanging friendly greetings. The hospitality industry was hoping for a bumper weekend thanks to the coronation, and the couple met with representatives from the industry based in the Soho area.

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This outing came ahead of a busy few days for the royals, with the coronation of King Charles now just two days away. The previous day, the family was spotted at Westminster Abbey, where they took part in a rehearsal for the big day. During the rehearsal, they joined King Charles, Queen Camilla, and Princess Anne for the run-through of Saturday’s historical event.

Overall, this was a charming and memorable event that will undoubtedly be cherished by those who had the opportunity to meet the Prince and Princess of Wales.

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